• History


            Thomas R. Freeman started repairing basement foundations in 1941.  He specialized in piering system installations to address settling foundations, stress brace and lateral restraint systems to address foundation components deflecting horizontally, interior & exterior draintile systems to address water entry into homes and structures, and mudjacking techniques to address settling and misaligned concrete slab and pavement systems.  His approach to repairing foundations was so unique he was awarded Patent #2,378,995 in 1945.  Subsequent to World War II and thereafter, at various times, he operated the company with the assistance of his sons Thomas II (“Dick”), Frank, Bill & Charlie, and many other family members until his death in 1970.  The “Freeman boys” did not stop innovating!  In 1966 "Dick" was awarded Patent #3,269,126 which further enhanced the company’s ability to repair foundations better than any other foundation repair company. 

            After Thomas R. Freeman passed away company management was undertaken by “Dick” and Frank.  Numerous cousins, uncles, and other family members continued to help the company operate successfully, setting the bar for quality.  “Dick” passed away in 1978.

            After “Dick” passed away the company was steered by Frank and Thomas III.  The “Freeman boys” continued innovating!  Thomas III (P.E.) was awarded Patent #5,116,355, Patent # 5,217,325, Patent #5,336,021 and Patent #5,433,556.  Equipped with newer, patented, foundation repair techniques, coupled with the older techniques, the company continued setting the standard for quality foundation repair projects with reinforcement by the next generation of sons (Frank, James, Thomas IV & Kevin).   Frank passed away in 1993.

            Since 1993 the company has been directed by James Freeman (B.S.C.E) as well as many dedicated Project Superintendents, Project Foremen, and Project Field Personnel with multi-decade careers.  James Freeman II, after years of training and field experience, is now serving to continue our decades of operation as we approach 80 years of innovation and project excellence!